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5 Dirty Texting Games Your Guy Will Love

My friend asked me the other day, how can I get my boyfriend to think about sex in a sexy yet romantic and intimate manner? "Engage him in dirty texting games to create some sort of sexual expectancy" I answered. When you play dirty games with him through text messages, he will be longing for your body by the time you're done.

You can easily judge if he is interested or not by the way, he replies. The best way to get him to where you want him to be is by starting out casually and heating things up slowly. Some of the dirty texting games to play include;

The love scene … There is nothing as sexy as creating a love scene over text. It puts both of you in the mood even without knowing it. If the timing is right, any man will not mind playing this game. Basically what you need to do is invite your guy to make love to you over text, the same way you would do if you were with him physically. Start by telling to come near where you are, tell him to kiss you before asking him where you can touch him. Continue getting dirty over text and be as intimate as you can.

Have you ever … This is a game that involves sharing the most extreme past sex experiences in a dirty way. You will ask your man to narrate a sexual situation where he went to the extreme to please his partner. In the same breath you will also share your experiences with him as well. It is fun discovering some of the things your partner would do when it comes to sex. Some of the questions you can consider asking your partner is "have you ever had sex in a bathroom"? Or "have you ever had a one-night stand?" and so on.

Remaking music lyrics … If you love a certain song, one of the best dirty texting games you can play is to recompose the song with words that have some sexual connotation. You can decide to recompose one line and he can recompose the following line. This is a fun way to test each other's creativity. You can even make that particular song a sex-theme song so you can play it every time you're having sex.

I dare you … Some of us tend to say things over text, but can not stand to do them in reality. This is a game that is meant to push you and your man to put your money where your mouth is! It's a game of meaning what you say and putting action into it. You can start by daring your partner to send you a naked photo of himself or his penis.

He can dare you to send him a video that shows you touching your body in a sexual manner or dancing naked in the house. You should attach a penalty if your partner fails to do as dared. You can play this game during those days when you feel in need of having sex. How? Dare your man to come over and make love to you!

Hate it or love it … You want to discover what your man loves when it comes to sex? Why not play the "Hate it or Love it" texting game. The game simply involves asking your partner what he loves or hates in bed. For instance, you can ask him if he loves it or hates it when you're on top or when you let him take control. It's one of those dirty texting games that plays a huge role in changing the way you associate sexually for the better. Do not forget to welcome him to ask you the same questions. I'm sure you would not mind letting him know what he does right or wrong. Evaluate the "hates" and work on them.

In order to open up and get to know each other better, sometimes you have to engage in something that is not so serious such as dirty texting games. You will embark on a journey to discover your partner in a much better way since most of these dirty games are played in a relaxed mode.

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