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Erotic Texting Games to Play With Your Boyfriend

The era of mobile phones is here! The sooner you embrace it and play texting games with your boyfriend the better. There are a lot of texting games to play and if you have not been in engaging in them you've been missing out on some very exciting stuff. These games are designed to suit you and your partner and the good thing is you can play them to suit your needs.

If you want to spice up things in your relationship, it's time you shifted from angry birds or any other mobile games and keep yourself busy in these texting games to play with your boyfriend;

The mobile treasure hunt … You can play this game with your partner especially when you want to make out with him. Start by making your boyfriend take part in some sort of treasure hunt through a number of text messages. Direct him to a certain location that means a lot to both of you. It could be the place that you first met for instance or had your first kiss.

When he gets there, send him another clue and let the final destination be at your house. When he finally knocks at your door, surprise him with a gift before leading him to the bedroom for a session of sensual love making.

Tried and true lovers … Let your boyfriend know that what you have can be compared to some well-known and celebrated couples, from fairy tale to celebrated. You can then proceed to ask him questions on how he would feel or treat you if you are that celebrated couple. For instance, you can ask him, "If I was your Juliet, what would you do to me as my Romeo?" or you can ask him questions about a famous couple by naming one of the couples and he names the other half. For instance you can tell him, "I'm your Kim Kardashian and you're my Prince?" In the same breath, he can send you clues of male names and you figure out the name of the other partner.

21 questions … This is one texting game to play with your boyfriend that involves asking each other a set of 21 questions in the quest to discover how your partner would react if certain situations occurred in your relationship. For instance, you can ask him "would you still love me if I was not this cute?" or "would you consider marrying me if you knew I was married before?"

When he's answered your questions let him ask you his questions until all the questions are answered. Notice that 21 is an uneven number, so the last question should be to find out how the whole game went and how you feel after playing the game. This is one those games you can play when you need to sort out issues in your relationship.

The best … If you have been in a relationship for a while means you've had some moments that you'd wish lasted forever. Sometimes when such situations happen we tend to run out of words to express how we feel. However, you can relive the moments again by playing a game that will find out which were the best moments you've ever shared.

Start in a casual manner then add a sexual twist as you continue exchanging messages. You can start by asking your man how it felt when he first kissed you. Proceed to get more and more erotic and ask him what's the best sexual encounter he's ever had with you. This is one texting game to play with your boyfriend that can help increase romance in a relationship bearing in mind that if you both know the best moments you've ever shared; you will try to relive the moments as much as you can.

Texting games are fun if you know how to play them right. You can retract and change the tactics if you feel the game is not going according to your plan. You can even use texting games to play with your boyfriend to mend a broken relationship.

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