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Hammer Nutrition: The Connection Between Health and Nutrition

The proof of good nutrition is good health. If you eat properly and provide your body with all the nutrients that it needs, you will have a higher energy level, be able to get things done with less fatigue and stress and be less subject to mood swings and illnesses to darken your day. Hammer nutrition provides a wonderful line of products to help your body during times of high physical stress such as when you are exercising. Heavy exercise taxes the body beyond normal levels and Hammer nutrition provides the extra strength you need to deal with that physical activity.

Sports drinks

The Hammer nutrition sports drink provides both a quick burst of energy during high activity level periods, such as when you are exercising, but it provides long term nutritional components for better health during regular areas. The level of electrolytes often drops during periods of high activity when physical stress is placing demands on the physical systems. Drinking a Hammer nutrition sports drink helps to repair the lower electrolyte levels. In addition, you receive a boost of minerals that will stabilize your blood glucose levels. The effect is long lasting and the drink comes in several flavors. It’s far better to drink a sports beverage than to down a high sugar and caffeinated product.

Energy Bar

When you are in the midst of a hard exercise routine, you sometimes want to provide a little extra fuel for your body. Hammer nutrition provides such a quick energy burst in the form of an energy bar. This helps your body maintain high operating levels without a heavy meal that can cause stomach or intestinal cramping. If the body is focusing energy and oxygenation on the muscles that are going through a workout, it is not a good idea to add the burden of trying to digest a heavy meal to the taxation of the muscles. The benefits of the energy bars are obvious. There is a smoothing of the up and down nutritional needs so the body operates at a higher level of efficiency all the time.


Very heavy exercise programs place abnormal demands upon the body and it requires higher levels of action to recover from such activities. Heavy exercises burn carbohydrates, and these building blocks of the body requires additional carbohydrates to maintain good functioning levels. Hammer nutrition products provide extra levels of complex carbohydrates in an easily digestible form so that you don’t need hours to recover from an especially heavy program of exercise or recreational activities.

Lengthy demands

When you are doing long term, high demand exercising, Hammer nutrition products provide that higher level of carbohydrate that help to prevent mid range fatigue. Long distance runs or marathons, for example require the type of consistent and reliable energy that is provided through Hammer nutrition products. You don’t need to eat more, just better. The focus needs to be on providing necessary energy to the body during periods of high demand. The added benefits is better long term energy as well.

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