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How Do I Get Him to Stop Teasing Me

It can be very frustrating and annoying to be teased over and over again by a boy. Worse still, when his friends join in “the game” to make fun of you. It feels so uncomfortable because you’re in a spot you don’t know how to get out of. This article aims to help solve your problem: How Do I Get Him To Stop Teasing Me

The first thing you need to do to get a guy to stop teasing you, is to reflect on your own actions and behaviour. Ask yourself how you react to a guy’s teasing: Do you…

  • Laugh and pretend that it’s funny?
  • Keep quiet and not say a word?
  • Get angry and shout at him?

The reason you need to become aware of your reactions, is because your response to a guy’s teasing is really what is causing him to keep teasing you.

But how can this be? Isn’t he just being childish?

Females are trained from young to know that our actions, words and behaviours affect another. But guys are very different from women. For example, did you know that ‘teasing’ is a key way that guys relate to one another? Test it out yourself. Observe how guys interact with each other. Notice what they say. Soon, you’ll discover that guy speak to guys very differently from the way girls speak to girls.

In fact, a huge reason why guys tease girls, is because ‘teasing’ is a form of ‘male language’…

A guy usually only knows how to speak ‘male language’ (Unless he’s had a lot of experience talking and spending time with girls/women). Hence, when a guy teases you, he’s most possibly communicating with you the ‘only’ way he knows how. What he does next, depends on how you react to his teasing…

3 Suggestions On How To Get A Guy To Stop Teasing You…

1. Don’t pretend it’s funny when it’s not. Guys are NOT mind-readers. If you laugh at his teasing, your behaviour tells him that his behaviour is funny, pleasing, and amusing to you. Since guys like hearing girls laugh, it’s only natural he continues teasing you. Just to hear you laugh.

2. Do something different. If your usual reaction to a guy’s teasing is to get angry, and he still doesn’t stop, it’s time to CHANGE your reaction. Personally, I ignore rude comments by staring blankly at the person who spoke, or in another direction. Sometimes, it’s better not to say anything when there is nothing good to say.

3. Let him know his teasing hurts. Letting a guy know his teasing hurts is as simple as saying “Ouch. That hurt.” A decent guy will stop teasing you. If he doesn’t stop, even after you’ve said that it hurts, it’s time to move on and spend your time with guys and girls who care enough to stop doing what hurts other people’s feelings.

Source by Rachel Lim Shuling

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