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How to Create Winning Press Releases: Five Key Tips Revealed

Issuing press releases is a very different method of marketing that can be a powerful means by which you can get your business listed in major news feeds, blogs, forums, social media feeds and other online outlets, and all by simply placing a well written release online using the proper distribution service. This is, of course, far easier said than done. Press releases are powerful methods of informational conveyance, but have to be approached expeditiously if you really intend to see the desired results. A good first tip on writing them effectively is that you should understand your writing ability. If you do not deem yourself as a competent writer, it's always best to contract a professional writer to compose one on your behalf. If you are, however, an experienced writer and are familiar with the process that is involved in gaining press release approval, distribution and syndication, the following five quintessential tips can help you garner more clout, traction and saturation for your efforts.

One: Announcements & Newsworthiness
One of the primary reasons for rejection, or poor saturation following distribution, is due to one thing: they were not newsworthy enough. Even if your release is picked up by your distribution service, that does not guarantee it placement in major news feeds. News feeds crave one thing: the news. Ensure that your press release makes an announcement that is newsworthy and relevant to ensure maximum exposure later on.

Two: Factual Enhancements
Always try to include at least one or more key associated facts. For instance, if you are issuing a press release regarding an auto safety device for smartphones that prevents texting while driving using a voice-to-text protocol, make sure that you cull facts regarding texting and driving from an authority source like the US Department of Transportation to add some meat and potatoes to the content. Include as many pertinent and related facts as you can, but be sure to avoid sounding drab or boring in the process.

Three: Direct Quotes
You will want to include at least one direct quote from a company spokesperson. Sure, you do not necessarily have to include these, but they sure add some depth. Drum up a related, citable quote from a direct source (which could be you, if you own the company) and include it in the press release to further thicken its sauciness and to add candor.

Four: Proper Formatting
Press releases are required to be formatted in a specific manner or they will not be syndicated. Plain and simple: if you are unfamiliar with how this process works, by all means consider hiring a professional who is. Ensure that the copy is properly formatted for distribution, is grammatically correct and is free from typos or errors. Furthermore, ensure that any included facts are authoritative and verified.

Five: Engaging & Entertaining
In light of all of these aforementioned specifications, you want to make certain that your writing is engaging and entertaining, too. This can be tricky depending upon the nature and continence of your subject or topic. Be creative and original in this endeavor, and perhaps glean some ideas off other press releases you've read that interested you to add some charm and depth to yours.

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