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How to Give a Great Teacher Retirement Speech

If you have been asked to give a speech to say thanks and farewell to a retiring teacher, you certainly have a great deal of responsibility. When I was recently asked to give a retirement speech, I realized a few tips that helped me prepare. If you are faced with the same opportunity, you may want to following these guidelines when giving your teacher appreciation speech.

First, you will want to document all the important things you want to say. Clearly, you may want to add some humor to keep peoples attention, but the whole point of this speech is to show your appreciation to this teacher that has given so much to you and the schools students. Therefore, you may want to write down things that made this person special. For example, was this instructor great at taking the extra effort to make sure the students fully understood the material? Perhaps this teacher took an interest in keeping the parents updated.

One of the common pitfalls when giving a teacher speech is the feeling of wanting to rush through the speech. This is especially true if you are not used to speaking in front of a large audience. Therefore, pay attention to time. You may also want to give a few practice runs through the speech and monitor how long it takes to get through it. If you are open to practicing in from of a few people and receive feedback, this will also help a great deal.

Be sure to keep the audiences’ attention. For example, you may want to bring up a funny incident that occurred with this teacher and a student. Perhaps this teacher dresses a certain way or has a phrase that is commonly used. Some teachers will accept this type of humor differently, but this will help the audience identify and remember something special about this teacher. Giving a teacher retirement speech can be a stressful task. When giving the speech, it is helpful to think about how much this teacher has given to the students. Hopefully these guidelines that I have come up with after having giving a retirement speech will help you give the proper speech for the teacher that has helped so many.

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