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How to Stop a Man From Playing Mind Games With You! Use This Advice to Your Advantage Right Now

Men sometimes look at mind games as a way to kill time. These men are either overly confident or they're too insecure that's why they're resorting into playing mind games with you. If you want to keep your man from doing this at a recurring phase, then here are 7 tips that you could consider to follow:

Do not let it affect you.
Just like kids who are having tantrums, it would be best for you to ignore him rather than give in to his teasing. This behavior should confuse him and he will soon, inevitably, stop these mind games.

A display of emotion will not make him stop.
This guy would also try to test you by looking at other women while you're with him or he'll openly praise a woman who just walked past you. Even if you're boiling deep within, do not ever give him the joy of knowing that you're already too jealous.

Quash the sadist in him.
A man who's good at playing mind games is someone who's done it a hundred times. This man will lay traps that would make you succumb in no time. But if you're clever enough to not give in, then he would realize that his usual mind games do not seem to work on you and he'll definitely stop.

Be good at mind games, too.
Rather than become furious at what he's doing, it's better if you give him a dose of his own medicine. Try to praise other guys in his presence as well. Casually tell him that some guys hovered over you while you were waiting for him to arrive at the restaurant. This should make him panic.

Heighten his jealousy.
If casually mentioning to him that other guys seem interested on you does not seem to work, then why do not you try to flirt with other men while he's staring at you. If he gets angry over this act, then this will confirm that he's deeply into you and this should also stop him from doing the same thing with you.

Take a week away from him.
Men are not strangers to the idea of ​​asking for some time off. This time, be the one to ask for it. If he asks what made you ask for space, do not give him a definite answer. This should make him wonder what's going on and he'll want to win you over the rather than play mind games the next time he sees you.

Draw the line with this guy.
Once you get back, it's time to tell him how you feel about his mind games. Open up to him, tell him how disappointed you are at the way he's been treating you. Tell him also that if he will not stop, then you have no recourse but to let go rather than to suffer emotionally each time.

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