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How to Tell If A Girl Really Likes You – Surefire Signs She Digs You

Guys are really funny. While most of them like to look cool, calm and collected – most of you are reduced to rubble when you meet a girl you really like, and aren’t sure if she’s feeling the same way. Yes, it’s true – girls are more emotional, touchy feely and sentimental, but when it comes to simple flirting and conversational jujitsu, most men get tied up in knots when it comes to chatting it up with a really attractive woman. I’ve had some really funny conversations with friends after leaving a bar or a restaurant about some of the stuff that guys will say while hunting for a phone number, or a compliment, and to say that we giggle over some of the goofy ways some of you try to score, well that would be a huge understatement! So here are a few things YOU should look out for when you come across a REALLY hot girl you really want to get to know, but aren’t sure if she is feeling quite the same way.

1) Body Language: This is numero Uno, boys! I can spot a woman who is hot for a guy from across the room or a mile away. If she leans in, self touches her hair or, the MAJOR league giveaway…..occasionally BRUSHES your knee while making a point in conversation – you are in luck, she is really interested! Don’t let your friends (or your fear) tell you differently. Body language is a huge part of flirting, and will often tell you she wants more of you before her words will, so keep a keen eye out for this tell tale good sign.

2) Playing it cool: Yes, we do this too..:-) If she’s got that cool eyed stare going in the other direction while you are chatting with her friends, this could be a good thing. I’ve done this, and so have lots of the girls I know! It’s a subtle difference between TOTALLY disinterested and staring at the wall, and pretending to be interested in that NASCAR race up on the TV bar! Here is a good way to check her “real interest” level. If you are chatting with her friends and she is giving you the cool routine – mention that you have to get back to your friends, or are heading home pretty soon. If she looks away from the TV, even for a second – BINGO – she digs you! Now you need to make sure to work her in to the conversation so you too can see about getting something going!

3) Here is another big one: If you are at a bar and she makes ANY mention of someone you were talking to earlier in the night, or if she sees another group of women scoping you and your friends out and makes an insulting comment about them (or you if you hook up with them) you are getting those JEALOUSLY glands kicked into high gear. Remember, no matter how hot you think she is, she is just as insecure as everyone else. Want to be bold and take a chance, let her know there is NO WAY you would think about hooking up with anyone else in the place if you’ve got even a small chance of getting her digits. You are going to make her feel like the most special girl in the room (big points for you) AND show you are assertive and know what you want. I don’t care how many Oprah episodes you may have seen that say otherwise – we ALL want a bold and assertive guy who knows what he wants and likes to take a risk! I know I do!

So next time you are out – or even with that girl who lives in the apartment next door, look out for these simple signs she is in to you. The ball is in your court!

Source by Megan Zoile

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