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How To Turn On Your Man So He Thinks You Are His Best Lover Ever

Most women need some tips when it comes to learning how to turn on their man.

Men are simple creatures when it comes to sex. Like a dog, keep him happy, well fed and keep him fulfilled. That’s the secret to caring for man and making sure he is sexually fulfilled.

Here are some easy suggestions on what men like in bed to be certain that your man is sexually fulfilled.

1. Frequency Turns Your Man On

A survey conducted of thousands of men indicated that quantity and regularity of sex was a leading issue. 75% of men who responded said they wanted sex a minimum of 5 times per week.

How frequently have they been having sex? Most responded with under 1 session per week or none. This means his sexual fulfillment ‘gas tank’ is running on empty.

Your man might not require or want sex 5x per week – but it is essential to discover where his expectations are.

The great news is that sex doesn’t need to be that fantastic. However it does need to occur frequently.

2. Desire

Do you like to feel that your man is attracted to you and finds you sexually desirable? Here’s a news flash – men like to feel sexually appealing, too.

Men tire of continuously chasing for sex or badgering their partner for it. Not having to hunt and chase sex is among the main factors men settle down having a woman.

That’s why some men feel a bit ripped off when they get married and also the sex dries up.

3. Adventure

Adventure is sexy. What guys want in bed is really a woman who’s willing to experiment a bit. Experimenting is appealing and exciting.

Be open, enthusiastic and willing to experiment on your body as well as his. Make it a game or an adventure.

One factor I like to suggest would be to do something differently every time you’ve having sex. It doesn’t need to be a huge change. Perhaps how you kiss your man, how tough or soft etc. Make sure that every session has an exciting and unanticipated small twist in it….like an excellent movie.

This is just what guys want in bed but it is what ladies want, also.

4. Being Orgasmic Turns Your Man On

Up until this point it most likely reads like it is all about satisfying him and his requirements, correct? Nicely the truth is that what men like in bed and what men want in bed is for YOU to be sexually satisfied. Men get off on seeing YOU get off.

What guys want deep down inside is for you to be as sexually satisfied as him. So it is your responsibility to make sure you’re orgasmic. Can you reach orgasm by your self and not with him? If not, you need to begin practicing. The well being of your relationship might just hinge on it.

He desires to know that he can provide you with pleasure but men require plenty of help in this department. Communicate what works for you. Show him by self pleasuring in front of him so he can see what strokes you like on your clitoris.

5. Passion

The only factor worse than being in bed with somebody who’s a ‘dead fish’ isn’t having sex at all. Without passion, sooner or later your sex life will evaporate and you will turn out to be just roommates.

Having frequent sex 1 factor but becoming a willing, enthusiastic participant is very important too.

Do what you should do to display passion. Fake it until you make it when you have to. Act as if you’re passionate and your body will start to respond. Make sounds!

Don’t, nevertheless, ever fake orgasms for a number of factors. This is because you’ll train him to be a poor lover.

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