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Long Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities in Virginia

One of the inclusions of long term care is assisted living facilities. These facilities come in different types starting from private homes, nursing homes, and up to high rise apartment complexes which offer a variety of level of services as well.

The Code of Virginia briefly defines assisted living facilities as any congregate residential setting that provides or coordinates personal and health care services, 24-hour supervision, and assistance for the maintenance or care of four or more adults who are aged, infirm or disabled and who are cared for in a primarily residential setting. This simply means this is a place where general supervision of individuals in need of assistance with basic daily activities is given high priority and availability.

Two common types of these care facilities are residential living and assisted living. Within a residential living, the services provided are designed to provide minimal assistance for adults who are under physical or mental limitations. Residents in residential status of a service can receive some assisted living services on a regular or ad hoc basis.

While, within assisted living, defined by the Code of Virginia, this facility offers moderate support to those who need more help than the residents who benefit from independent living to levels of residential life. Support services are generally provided by caregivers and companions. Other included care services are assistance with ADLS, help with medications and assistance with the necessary precautions during the off-site medical services is needed.

Today, these types of care facilities have also evolved over time. With additional facility amenities, assisted living facilities are now proficient of providing a cosier and more comfortable living environment for people in need of them. Some amenities to mention included are housekeeping and laundry services, grounds keeping, transportation services, security services, and more. But, these additional amenities are added in the monthly fee.

Moreover, and another good thing about assisted living facilities is they also offer social activities for the residents. These social activities come in various forms such as social, recreational, and religious activities. However, the number of hours spent on these social activities must be adhered to state regulations – no less than one hour each day must be devoted to planned socialization, recreation or religious activity.

In addition, to secure proficiency in executing their assistance services, each facility observes a thorough understanding of each resident’s physical and emotional needs. Assisted living facilities require that the assessment is conducted before admission of the resident, and once the person is accepted, an agreement between the house community services and local services board, a health centre or a mental state private institution or physician for services is most required as well.

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