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Overpopulation: A Global Menace

With a delicate problem of excessive population all over the world people are facing countless tribulations in today’s life. Overpopulation is giving rise to poverty, illiteracy, backwardness and superstitious way of thinking. Keeping in view these major problems, it is quite inevitable to give a serious thought to exterminate this problem so that people may lead a happy and contented life. Therefore, certain radical measurements are to be taken strictly with a view to get result oriented solution of this very problem.

While analyzing this issue, we will have to examine the basic reasons behind the augmentation of this global problem. To a greater extent, the political set-up is accountable as its policies are not much precisely designed in fixing this issue and other problems directly or indirectly linked with it which can really make a great transformation in the lives of the people belonging to poorer nations. The competent authorities, especially in developing countries, don’t have a clear cut intent and target of focusing their resources and human energies to curb this issue. Infact, the persons who are supposed to execute the strategies made for this purpose don’t seem to be so focused and inclined towards finding out the right solutions which can prove highly effectual in the way of abolishing the problem of overpopulation from its deep roots.

Throughout the world, the developed nations are already trying their best to help the poorer nations in removing their genuine basic problems but to no avail. People in general,lack ample funds to ensure better education of their children and make use of available resources in the high level researches which can be advantageous for boosting the economies of the poor states. As a result, the poor states always remain far behind in realizing the goals of improving standard of living of their countrymen. In spite of the best efforts made by UN agencies, the underdeveloped nations are still very backward simply because of the overpopulation problem. Quite unnecessarily and illogically, they have to spend a major portion of their resources/ funds in providing food,clothing and other basic necessities to their citizens for their existence.

Emphasis should be given on rendering better education which might be accessible to all irrespective of caste, creed and geographical boundaries in order to check overpopulation from its very beginning. If children are made deprived from obtaining better education it will certainly result in a negative growth of human resource development and unawareness of utilizing the available technical knowhow. Plus family planning can prove to be a strong tool in fixing this problem. The ideal size of a family consists of only one kid per couple which is need of the hour if we seriously and genuinely wish to stay away from the towering problem called overpopulation.

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