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Reality TV: The Facts

Reality shows are the biggest havocs that create moral and ethical conflicts among the audiences. As the reality shows are more actively enjoyed by the viewers, the impact on the audience is somehow more critical.

Experts also express fears of the criminality and abnormality in day to day occurrences subscribed from these shows. The aggression and agony derived from the reality shows are alarming. For an instance, a reality host fires a question to a desperate contestant and asks if she was involved in an extra marital affair or another reality contestant shocks the audiences by stripping to her bikini.

It’s all to hail the new age reality shows that filled up with the meanest means of entertainment and attraction– where nothing remains personal. These shows are getting too much. Reality shows are interfering with the lives of its contestants– igniting the darkest flame of the human race that takes pleasure from the humiliation, disgrace and distress of others. Experts sought for the real time analysis of social, moral and ethical issues drawn-in in such programming.

An MTV reality show named ’16 and Pregnant: Life after Labor’ features six teenage girls who steer through various experiences impacted by their pregnancies. Here they discuss their views on issues including birth control, adoption, abortion, marriage and religion. One prominent Indian reality show ‘Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao’, that casts B class celebrities in a rain forest, has never left any stone unturned while showing erotic intimacy between the male and female partners of the show.

To putting the immense light on the reality shows and the occurrences behind the camera, Überstar (, a startling book from Australian author, Vaughn Alaine-Marshall blows the lid on what really goes on behind the scenes of the world’s biggest reality shows. The novel is an epic portrayal of the, happiness, and grief of the participants as eleven young hopefuls they compete for a starring role in a feature film.
The first ground-breaking novel in a three-part series, Überstar is a backstage pass to the world’s biggest reality shows. The stories within Überstar are taken from reality-show contestants, producers and insiders from all around the world. American Idol, Pop Idol, X Factor, Australian Idol and Indian Idol along with other reality-TV shows are exposed for the first time.

Überstar puts you into the heads of everyone involved. From high-flying Executive Producers to carnivorous Publicists; from contestants chasing their big-break to judges looking to humiliate them in front of an audience of millions- Überstar illuminates and questions the entertainment circus.

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