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Symptoms of Low Estrogen and How You Can Reverse It

Are you experiencing the symptoms of a low estrogen level? Maybe you are, but you are not aware of it. Now is the best time to educate yourself on what your body is telling you.

It is not rare to find women who are experiencing the symptoms of unhealthy levels of estrogen. In fact, with the additional hazards of our lifestyle, there is a steady increase of those who have this problem.

Here are the symptoms of low estrogen level:

Estrogen Night Sweats

Night sweats are typically associated with menopause. This is because menopausal women have low estrogen levels when they are already in the culminating stage of their child-bearing years. A woman who is not yet in their menopausal stage may also experience uncomfortable night sweats and hot flashes as a result of a deficiency in their estrogen level.

Low Estrogen Mood Swings

Mood swings are also typical. When women are experiencing pre-menstrual period, mood swings are pretty much evident. We also attribute this to a low level of estrogen. However, frequently experiencing mood swings may not only be because of pre-menstrual period but also because of a perpetual deficiency in estrogen.

Low Estrogen Dry Skin

Severe skin dryness that cannot be alleviated with moisturizers or lotions can be one of the symptoms.

Low Estrogen Memory Problems

Memory lapses or trouble concentrating is also evident. When you are suffering from memory problems at an early age, suspect that this has got something to do with a low estrogen level.

How you can reverse it

There are a couple of things that we can do to alleviate these symptoms. Having a healthy, stress-free life is one of them. Indulging in unhealthy foods and smoking cigarettes can worsen the problem.

Exercise is also a huge help. Exercise can actually improve the level of our hormones. If we incorporate a healthy and non-sedentary lifestyle, we can slowly but surely normalize our estrogen level.

Taking supplements that can provide us with the needed nutritional content of our body should also be employed. Try a supplement called Total Balance for women. This is a supplement intended for the use of women.

It helps augment the nutritional deficiencies commonly experienced by the fairer sex. If these essential nutrients are present, your whole body will follow suit. Your body will function seamlessly.

Be aware of the symptoms of low estrogen so you will know when you are going to address these problems. This problem should be taken seriously as it may cause diseases to progress.

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