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The Simplest Way to Create PS2 Game Boot Disc

Being a PS2 fan, you would have often wondered how to create a game boot disc at some point or the other. This task used to be a tad difficult in the earlier times but with the right software application being available now, anyone can make a PS2 boot disc. The advantage of this disc is that you can use it to play DVD backups and damaged discs that otherwise cannot be loaded in the gaming console.

Like mentioned, the most important thing that you need to make a game boot disc is the appropriate software program. There are many choices available today; a quick search on the Internet should be able to find you the right one. Just take care to purchase it from a licensed vendor and not any scam product. Also, getting it online offers you a unique demo or trial period during which you can use the application to find out if it is compatible with your PC and console.

After downloading the ISO Burn application, install the same by following the instructions given; reboot the system after the installation procedure to start using the program. Next, insert the damaged CD or DVD in your CD burner and select the tab ‘Read to image file’ through the ISO program. Select a destination and label the folder appropriately to store the copied files. To create the new PS2 game boot disc, insert a blank DVD+R disc and start the burning process.

Once the game boot disc has been created, test if all the files have been copied by inserting it into your Sony PlayStation. The new DVD may take slightly longer to load but this will only happen initially. Soon you will be able to play all your damaged discs with relative ease and enjoy gaming. 

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