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Using Black Skin Lightening Products to Lighten Dark Knuckles

Are dark knuckles a problem for you? Dark knuckles are problem for a lot of people of color and you may be looking for black skin lightening products to combat the problem. African Americans are certainly not born with dark knuckles but a number of factors as you grow up contribute to the uneven skin tone on your hands. In this article, you’ll discover some of those factors as well as how to combat them.

Dry Skin

Are your hands constantly dry? Unfortunately for us, hands are not among the body parts that you can moisturize once in the morning hope that you don’t get an ashy skin attack by lunch time. You need to moisturize your hands at least every time you wash them. Using a good moisturizer that penetrates the skin is a must. You can try adding glycerine or jojoba oil to your regular hand cream to help the moisture last longer and keep the ash attack at bay. Dry skin tends to look darker than it actually is and if you’re in a job that means you either use your hands a lot or have to wash your hands more often than usual, you have to take extra care to ensure your hands are well moisturized to avoid dark knuckles.

Failed Skin Lightening Attempts

I see a lot of people with dark knuckles because they have used certain skin lightening products in the past that have lightened their skin with harsh products that have quickly lightened parts of their skin but left the stubborn areas such as dark knuckles, knees and elbows. If this is your case, the best advice is stop using any harsh skin whitening products immediately! There are several safe black skin lightening products available on the market that will gradually lighten your skin so that you achieve more even results. Products that work too quickly often contain dangerous ingredients so not only are you getting uneven results, you are also damaging your skin in the process by using such products.

Focus on the Stubborn Areas

The final tip is to make sure that when you are using skin lightening products, you ensure that you take time to target your dark knuckles and other stubborn areas. With the hands especially, it is easy to just quickly rub on a small layer of lotion without really targeting the knuckles. Each time you apply your skin lightening hand cream, make sure you really work it into the knuckles. Each time you wash your hands, make sure you re-apply your skin lightening cream and again, work it in well.

By choosing safe black skin lightening products and following these other tips consistently, you’ll soon see the skin on your knuckles beginning to lighten up and blend in with the rest of the skin on your hands.

Source by Anita Greenwood

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