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Washington Dc Sight Seeing

Washington DC, the capital of United States is one of the best places to visit from tourist point of view. This city is example of 18th century planned city, especially for purpose of capital of United States, and named over the first president of United States, late George Washington. Washington DC is situated on the bank of Potomac River and bordered by Virginia to the southwest and Maryland to the northwest, northeast, and southeast.

The Capital of United States

This City houses all three branches of the U.S. Government, along with Headquarters of several global organizations including The World Bank, International Monetary Fund, the Organization of American States, Inter-American Development Bank along with several national and International Institutions. The city is not only of political importance for United States. It is also one of the best places of illustration for rich American history and culture.

Diversity in Places of Interests

Washington D.C. attracts tourists from all over the world. Abundance of numerous landmarks, monuments, cultural centers, museums, and theatres and entertainment centers makes it an ideal place for sightseeing tourist lovers. The City is also rich in terms of natural heritage. National Parks situated along with the banks of Potomac and Anacostia River, Rock Creek Park, and the Theodore Roosevelt Island situated in the Potomac River are favorites among tourists.

Popular Landmarks of Washington DC

It’s tough to mention landmarks in Washington DC, because one cannot set a priority among so much famous places. The National Mall is a large Open park area spread over lavish several acres area in the City that features several monuments to leaders of America. It also connects White House and United States Capitol Building. The National Mall features Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, National World War II Memorial, United States Navy Memorial, and Albert Einstein Memorial are to name a few.

The world famous Smithsonian Institution is also located in Washington D.C., which is a collection of several world famous free museums. Major museums inside Smithsonian Institution are the Anacostia Museum, Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Hirshhorn Museum, National Air and Space Museum, National Museum of American History, National Museum of the American Indian, National Museum of Natural History, National Portrait Gallery, National Postal Museum, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Renwick Gallery, and National Zoo

The City also offers several other attractions, it’s better to discuss one by one. The best way to be a spectator of the historical, political, cultural and natural diversity of Washington DC is a sightseeing tour, and if the sightseeing tour could be inside an Open Top Double Decker Bus with all the luxuries then it’ll be like added pleasure of visiting this one of the most famous American City.

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