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What Causes Men To Have A Reduced Or Lost Interest In Sex?

Reduced or lost interest in sex in men is a very traumatizing experience of which most people may find it difficult, explain. It is a common phenomenon which occurs as they get older, although not all men have this problem. When there is reduced interest, their partners also get distressed because their sexual needs are not met like before. This is quite different from one having erectile dysfunction as one may have a good erection but may not be interested in having sex. In the 21st century, this is becoming common, and more people are seeking answers to bring back their sexual urge and they opt to take Viagra or Viagra substitutes to bring back their vitality.

Some of the common causes that may lead one to lose interest in sex include:

1. Low self-esteem– if you don’t have self-confidence in yourself or your sexual performance, then it will make you lose interest in sex. You thinking of what your partner thinks about your body image or feeling unattractive will make you less motivated to be engaged in sex.

2. Lack of sleep– a good night sleep is essential for the health of the body and an active libido. If you are sleep deprived or exhausted, you will not be thinking about sex, but how you need to sleep.

3. Medication- Certain medicines lower the testosterone level, which in turn leads to low libido. Drugs like ACE inhibitors, beta blockers may cause one not to have erections and ejaculations. Talking to a doctor will help as they will give you an alternative or suggest Viagra substitutes.

4. Hormonal imbalance– the sex hormone called testosterone influences the libido level in the body. If there is slow production of testosterone in the body which may be caused by inflammation, tumors or injury in the testicles, there will be an imbalanced hormone production. This, in turn, leads to lack of sexual urge.

5. Health conditions– some severe conditions such as kidney diseases, HIV or cancer can suppress the testosterone levels and also affect the production of sperms in the body. When you are sick, the body concentrates more on survival functions and not non-survival functions such as the production of sperms and testosterone hence reduced interest in sex.

6. Relationship problems– when a couple fights or their emotions are at a distance, they will likely not want to be intimate. Anger, conflicts, resentment or communication problems can cause one not want to be involved with their partner, and this reduces the sex hormone hence a reduced sexual urge.

7. Obesity– Obesity is associated with conditions such as high blood pressure and heart diseases which in turn affect the production of testosterone in the body. A reduced level of the sex hormone leads to low sex drive. Some men are turned off by the weight of their partner, and this makes them lack the urge of having sex.

Some of these causes can be healed, and one gains back their interest in sex without even taking Viagra or Viagra substitutes. For the psychological problems, it is best to seek counseling services where the counselor will be able to find out what the problem is, what is causing it and how to avoid the problem?

If you have had a sudden loss of interest in sex, it is best to consult your doctor. Most men shy off talking about sexual problems with their doctors, hence opt for Viagra substitute to help them out, which at the time may not solve the problem.

Another way is taking herbal supplements. Herbs contain unique properties that will act on the liver and cause it to produce more testosterone, hence it will increase the sexual drive. Herbs are very safe to use and also very effective.

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